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Archimedes Hydropower Screw Generator

A little side project for to see if we could generate power from a stream at Tony's farm.

The Archimedes Screw uses water extracted from our stream, about 400 gallons a minute. to power a permanent magnet alternator. we hope to product about 400 watts with this generator to power items at my farm. The water is simply diverted temporarily and then returned to the stream. the total fall of the water is less than eight feet. what is nice about using a Archimedes screw, is that if any animals or large debris get in it it simply take a ride unharmed through the screw. The complete design and construction was preformed right here at

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Face & Halo Letter Installation

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EZlit Letter Installation

EZLit Channel Letter Installation Video. Showing our Plug-n-Play Installation system.

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