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  • Acrylic Letters

    These are Letters that are smaller and typically used for taglines or interior letters. Acrylic letters are non lit and usually about a half an inch thick. Acrylic Letters are usually mounted to the wall using a tape, or stud mounted. These are good for a low cost, interior sign for a business.

  • Cabinet Signs

    A Cabinet, also known as a box sign, is a metal box shape sign that is lit inside with LEDs and has the name of your business and logo printed on the face.

  • Channel Letters

    A channel letter Sign is a 3 dimensional individual structure of letters, typically lit with LEDs, formed to make words of your business name and taglines.

  • Cloud Signs

    A Cloud Sign is basically constructed similar to a channel letter, using the same materials. However, a cloud sign is one piece and is contoured around your design or letters.

  • Face Retainer

    A Face Retainer for Signs is used to hold and secure Polycarbonate Faces to Illuminated Cabinet Signs, and be able to remove and replace faces easily.

  • Face Trim

    The Face Trim ( or trim cap ) is a trim that is extruded plastic, this is usually glued to the acrylic face and then screwed to the return to complete the Channel Letter.

  • Halo Signs

    A Halo Sign is a form of Channel Letters that are constructed of metal and has the light coming out of the back rather than the front, creating the Halo Light.

  • Photo Eye Sensor

    A Photo Eye is a sensor on a sign that senses the sun and turns the sign on at night and off during the day.

  • Polycarbonate Face

    Polycarbonate is the material typically used for the faces of Channel Letters and Cabinet or Logo Shape signs. Polycarbonates used in engineering are strong, tough materials, that are transparent. Vinyl Graphics can be applied to Polycarbonate Faces, as well as printing directly to the face.

  • Power Supplies

    A power supply is a hardware component that supplies power to an electrical device.

  • Raceways

    A tube that encloses and protects electric wires. The sign is mounted to a Raceway.

  • Returns

    A return (also known as a can or the sides) is the structure of a channel letter. This is made from aluminum.

  • Roof Brackets

    Roof brackets are a metal constructed bracket that is made to mount your sign to a roof.typically roof brackets are made to be adjusted to the pitch of the roof. They are typically made for cabinet signs or raceway channel letters.

  • Sign Permit

    Almost always, you will need a sign permit for any electrical sign. This permit will be issued to you by your city. Typically you can go to your city and they will give you a form to fill out to apply for a sign permit.

  • Snap Switch

    A manually operated electric switch with a blade which makes contact with a snap.

  • Storefront Signs

    Storefront Signs is a general term referring to any type of sign that would be mounted on your storefront. Storefront Signs can be many different sign types.

  • Underwriters Laboratory - Label On Signs

    The UL label is identified as an acknowledgment by the Underwriters Laboratories of acceptance. This acceptance is based upon review and testing of a certain construction component.


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