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Metal Letter-Stud Mount Installation


Sign Expert, Grace, Installs non-lit Metal Letters using a stud mount method, Fast & Easy!

Metal Letters are a type of non-lit dimensional letter, mostly used Interior. Metal Letters are a great way to get an elegant look, without spending a lot. Another benefit to Metal Letters is the easy Installation.

Metal Letters use a Stud Mount Installation method. provides the threaded studs with each sign we make and ship. Metal Letters also include the mounting pattern for the sign. This matter will show you where to drill each hole for the threaded studs in the back of the letters. Once the holes are drilled and pattern is removed, apply silicone on each threaded stud, then attach to wall. Tape the letters to the wall while the silicone sets. 

What Locations are appropriate for stud mounting

  1. Stud mounting can be used indoors or outdoors.
  2. Mounting surface must be strong enough to hold the sign.
  3. Drilling into the surface is required, the surface must be drillable.
  4. Of course the wall itself must be capable of supporting the weight of the sign.

What types of studs are there

  1. All Thread Rods of aluminum or steel are normally used for studs.
  2. Size 10-24 to ¼-20 size threads.